our history

 I am a mother of a child diagnosed with agensis of the corpus callosum, a condition with little research and answers. Every case is diverse, and unfortunately, my son’s development is severely behind. Services have been difficult to obtain and insurance does not understand the dilemmas the diagnosis causes. I have struggled through the years to find a solution that can benefit my son and help him progress.  Set backs and rejection have been inevitable, but it has given me the strength to find better solutions and outcomes to better assist my son.  I do not want other families to experience my hardships. I want this organization to aide and decrease the stress for their journeys.

Katrina Oh

When we work together, we can slowly make an impact and change the world.



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We started as a small group of ladies meeting up once in awhile for lunch. Our conversations and connections were so powerful that we all felt calm, relaxed, and accepted for the first time in a long time. Each parent had a different situation with their child, but no matter the diagnosis, we understood each other’s struggles. We were all sleep deprived and consumed with overwhelming tasks most mothers would never even understand. But no matter how our own condition was, we wanted everyone’s child to succeed and be given all opportunities possible. We began using our personal experience to assist others who were in need. Eventually, our four person group that met once a month for conversation over lunch and a shoulder to cry on developed into helping the Central Valley and more amazing children receive the services and equipment needed to excel.

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Mission Statement

"To provide appropriate resources and support to parents and caregivers of children with special needs in order to assist them with navigating the health care system with greater ease, and to do all things appropriate to further such purpose."

Raising and advocating for a child with special needs can be a long and tiresome road, but you don't have to be alone! Able Advocates aides parents in acquiring information and supporting one another along the journey, especially in those moments of overwhelm and confusion.  We believe in advocating for—and one day delivering—the quality care that our wonderful children deserve.

Overall, our goal as a nonprofit is to provide direct support and services to children that are denied or put on hold due to insurance specifications or budget cuts.  Able Advocates provides support for our fellow children with special needs. We connect families to local support groups and provide various resources and services specific to each individual family's needs.  Our goal is to assist families as they navigate through the various aspects of caring for their children with special needs. As a parent of a disabled child, I have ample experience interfacing with insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, equipment companies, schools, and the general public as do many of our team of advocates. We are here to assist you and your family as you confront the constant shifts in policies and various organizational changes due to the lack of state-funded services.